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Ubuntu Server Development Summary - 02 Jun 2017

The purpose of this weekly summary is to make sure our community can follow development with toes dipped in before & between jumping headlong into helping shape Ubuntu Server.

Ubuntu Server Packages

  • Uploads/Changes:
    • 11 packages uploaded to Artful
    • 48 packages uploaded to Stable Releases
    • Full List
    • Future


  • cloud-init:
    • Enabled Aliyun datasource (LP:#1638931). After SRU, Ubuntu images will work on Alibaba Cloud.
    • Accepted merge to add schema definition and validation to NTP module
    • Accepted merge to handle multi-line bridge parameters to E/N/I
    • Accepted merge to discontinue writing systemd link files
    • Fixed LP:#1693939 Azure chassis asset tag value
    • Fixed LP:#1692093 to prevent re-executing disk setup on reboot
  • curtin:
    • Fixed package build issue after escaping udevadm command
    • All integration VM tests back to green status

Triage Queue

IRC Meeting

Server ISOs

  • Publishing of new daily Artful server ISOs is currently blocked by LP:#1694531